No more fancy lingo, no more digging for fluffy words and endless synonyms. This is the real thing!

CV HACKS will take you through the steps of turning your application into a striking experience for companies. Learn how to sneak past filter algorithms of today's recruiting computers and how to make a bold impression on hiring managers.

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If you are holding this book in your hands, that means one thing:
No more reading elaborated passages about the fine mastery of résumé writing!

A Blueprint for successful Applications

The book is a step-by-step guide for creating stunning résumés from scratch enabling you to tailor them in minutes to current requirements. It explains how to highlight the true power of your skills and experiences, drawing a clear line between winning relevancy and exhausting banality: Tweak your work history, underline expected accomplishments and learn how to craft a stunning summary statement!

See what's inside:

  1. Welcome, Job-Hunter!
  2. The one and only Rules that will get you the Job
  3. How to write a perfect Résumé in 30 Minutes
  4. How to SEO-hack your Résumé
  5. Elements of a damn good Résumé
  6. Here's the Thing with using a Photo
  7. Dealing with Discrimination
  8. Getting a kickass Résumé Design
  9. Lead a healthy Online Life
  10. Sending your Résumé

Bonus Content:
350+ Action Verbs